Sculptors' Association of Alberta

Ice and Snow

Since the incorporation of the Sculptors’ Association of Alberta in 1986, Ice and Snow Sculpting has been major part of the association’s mandate. With a long history of community involvement the SAA Ice and Snow Sculpting Program has presented numerous public demonstrations, commissions and has been a strong team leader in numerous ice and snow events and festivals throughout Alberta. Partnering with Edmonton and area winter festivals such as the Silver Skate Festival, the Strathcona New Years Eve Celebration, Ice on Whyte and Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival, the association has an important role in presenting of the art of snow and ice sculpture throughout the Edmonton community and throughout the province.

People are fascinated by the creation of ice and snow sculpture which, when produced in a public space, takes on many aspects of performance art. It is this public fascination of artists- at-work demonstrations that has allowed SAA members, both individually and collectively, to participate in numerous competition, symposiums and events across the province, throughout Canada and even internationally. SAA members have won or placed numerous local, national and internally competitions.

Ice and snow sculpture is becoming an integral part of the artistic and cultural scene in our province and with the Sculptors’ Association’s more than twenty years of expertise in this area, we play a major role in the facilitation of this art form.

Ice and snow inquiries are always welcome.

2008 Ice and Snow Description

Alberta Centennial Ice Sculptures

Images from the 1986 Quebec Winter Carnival